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Vigan - Dry Agribulk Materials

Located at the heart of the European Union, VIGAN ENGINEERING S.A. manufactures dry agribulk materials handling equipment:

VIGAN capabilities also include complete turnkey projects planning, development, manufacturing and management for port terminal including ship unloading & loading, storage facilities and bagging operations.

Customer-oriented, VIGAN has developed its own state-of-the-art technologies such as multi-stage turbo-blowers, airlocks, Ni-hard elbow, suction nozzle, telescopic piping system, filters, dust-free loading spouts, galvanized boom with gangways, stairs and platforms.

With more than 1,200 machines sold throughout more than 80 countries over 42 years, including 180 large size equipment of several hundred metric tons handling capacity, VIGAN is a most  reliable and specialised company in its sector with a recognised international experience and know-how.

VIGAN’s start-to-finish customer service and the wide range of equipment – pneumatic and/or mechanical – along with the ability to manage complete turnkey projects such as Grain Terminals, have been rewarded by the prestigious IBJ Award 2011 in the “Best Ship Loading/Unloading System” category.

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Contact Details

Rue de l'Industrie 16
BE-1 400

Mr Nicolas Dechamps (Managing Director)

+32 67 89 50 41



Mobile Portable Machines/Grain Pumps image thumbnail

Mobile Portable Machines/Grain Pumps

Capacity:           100 – 250 tph Working mode: Suck and/or Blow Vessels: all sizes Many operating possibilities: >vessel <-> truck/train/conveyor >silo <-> truck/train/vessel >transhipment >on quay/ship deck/pontoon Wide range of …

Pneumatic Barge Unloaders << Tower Type >> image thumbnail

Pneumatic Barge Unloaders << Tower Type >>

Capacity:           160 – 600 tph Vessels: coasters and barges Many options: >capacity, rail/tires/stationary, customize dimensions (height/width), electrical/diesel engine, discharging, boom length, optional devices Main benefits: most efficient for river …

Pneumatic Continuous Ship Unloaders on Gantry: NIV Type image thumbnail

Pneumatic Continuous Ship Unloaders on Gantry: NIV Type

Capacity:           200 – up to 800 tph Vessels: all sizes Customised upon requirements: >Capacity, rail/tires/stationary, gantry dimensions (height/width), electrical motor and/or diesel engine, discharging into trucks/quay conveyor, boom length, …

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Technical Papers

Cimbria Moduflex: a preferred supplier for dust-free outloading in ports

Cimbria Moduflex has supplied dust free loading chutes to ports throughout the world, not the least to protect and improve the general environment and working conditions, but also to offer the port operators and terminals a safe and efficient outloading solution, taking into account that in most cases today ports are anintegral part of the city and the surrounding landscape.

A co-firing power plant produces more ecological energy with wood pellets

Wood pellets are transported to Electrabel plant by barges from var ious or igins, thanks to the excellent hinterland river and canal system in the Netherlands for bulk transport. Nevertheless, the discharge of such volume for a key sector requesting 24-hours-a-day reliability requires the highest quality and the most efficient operational performances. Vigan Engineering S.A. was selected to manufacture and to install the pneumatic unloader for the barges of wood pellets.

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