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Q&A: Container Transport in 2043

TT Club, in conjunction with global management consulting firm McKinsey, recently published the ‘Brave new world? – Container transport in 2043’ report, which summarises the passionate thoughts and opinions of industry leaders on what the future holds for the container industry over the next 25 years. Laurence Doe asked Matt Stone, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company; […]

Ship Berthing Incidents: Revealing the Reality

Ship berthing incidents are all too common at ports globally. The berthing operation is highly dependent on human interaction and many incidents have their root cause in this fact. As well as damage to the ship, the berth and quay crane incidents often result in injuries to ship crew and port personnel. The advent of […]

The VGM Ruling: A Review of the Implementation

The much trumpeted container weighing regulation which exercised much of the freight industry last year is hoped to be the mere overture to a concerted effort to bring about significant behavioural change. This paper assesses the degree of compliance with the VGM regulation that has been achieved but also looks forward to what needs to […]

Safety Initiatives: A Prime Tool

It may seem rare that common ship handling and cargo loading operations result in major incidents. However, when such circumstances do arise, the financial and commercial consequences can be significant. For example, TT Club was involved in an incident where a ship dragged its anchor after a winch malfunction had prevented it from being raised. […]

Container VGM: One Month In

It has been almost a month since the inception of the IMO’s SOLAS Amendment requiring shippers to verify the gross mass of a packed container which came into force on July 1, 2016. Prior to the event itself, many in the shipping community were in near uproar citing a lack of communication, a lack of […]

Anti-collision Measures

Investments in crane technology could be said to fall into two broad, and sometimes overlapping, categories: those that enhance productivity and those that prevent accidents. Of course, investment in productivity, with its focus on the return on investment, will always be more quantifiable and, therefore, more immediately justifiable for boardrooms. However, anti-collision enhancement measures are […]

Mega-terminal Security: Cybercrime Threats

Container shipping is, some half century after inception, remarkably resilient and successful in operational terms. Mankind, particularly in the developed world, takes it for granted that it is possible to buy exotic fresh produce that has travelled weeks from another continent, or pick up a bargain in latest electronic gadgetry that is most likely to […]

Addressing container yard safety

Container yard operations, located both at port terminals and at inland depots, have drawn the attention of safety experts, who have issued recommendations aimed at reducing the incidence of accidents which result in bodily injury, cargo damage, equipment damage and operational downtime. According to the analysis of insurance claim data provided by the freight transport […]

Maintenance guidance helps strengthen asset management

Most businesses have assets and those assets must be efficiently and effectively controlled because this has a major impact on the bottom line. Maintenance – the servicing and monitoring – of fixed infrastructure and mobile equipment is an integral and important part of asset management that maximizes an asset’s useful lifetime and minimizes its cost, […]

New approaches to container terminal safety

The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) is to publish new industry recommendations on equipment protection and human safety in container yards. This follows the positive response to last year’s Recommended Minimum Safety Specifications for Quay Container Cranes. The persistence of accidents – costly in terms of injury and loss of life, equipment damage and reduced […]

Recommended minimum safety specifications for quay container cranes

In a concerted effort to reduce injuries and loss of life, as well as to reduce damages and delay to port and terminal operations worldwide, the TT Club, ICHCA International and the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) agreed in 2010 to join forces in creating recommended safety features that should be standard as a minimum […]

TT Club identifies where to focus on loss prevention

Analysis of insurance claims Data used in the analysis was based on the 2006 calendar year, covering all TT Club members (over 2000) which include over 400 Ports and Terminals globally. The data is based on claims records under claim rule ‘Handling Equipment’ and ‘Property.’ Some equipment damage is categorised under other rules, so there […]

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