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TT Club - Transport and Logistics Insurance for Ports

Loss Prevention – controlling risk and reducing exposure

Our Risk Management team is committed to the ongoing development of advice and information for Members and their brokers with the aim of controlling risk and reducing exposure to potential claims. This includes:

Providing support to reducing the risk of claims occurrence
Promoting ‘best practice’ opportunities
Helping to improverisk assessment, mitigation and control

Supporting Members, leading the industry

As members or participants, we engage in international forums and trade associations, including COA, FIATA, IAPH, ICHCA, ILO, IMO and PEMA. Our enthusiastic involvement not only keeps us ahead of the curve regarding industry developments, but also ensures that we are able to make a positive contribution to issues that affect our Members and the entire supply chain industry.

We regularly publish information in relation to significant industry developments, including our monthly e-newsletter TT Talk, featuring topical stories and information updates.

Supporting our Members by sharing best practices, our loss prevention programme also features information about relevant industry and legal developments. Our resources include stop loss brochures, risk management guides and handbooks.

Helping our Members reduce their exposure to claims, our risk assessment programme highlights improvements that they can make to their business processes. Any information that is not sensitive to a specific client’s operations is shared across the whole membership, for the benefit of all.

Insurance for Ports and Terminals image thumbnail

Insurance for Ports and Terminals

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Insurance Cover for Ship Operators

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Insurance for Transport Operators

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Insurance for Logistics Operators

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Forwarders Cargo Insurance

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Insurance for Cargo Handling Facilities

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TT Club Claims Service

As a specialist in transport and logistics, with over 40 years’ experience, we’ve seen almost every type of claim you can imagine. Our global reach and access to experts means …

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