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Trimble - Reach Stackers Scales for Container Handling

Trimble® LOADRITE™ products can help you increase profitability, maximize productivity, improve operational efficiency and get control of your inventory.

Ensure compliance to SOLAS regulations, track and improve container handling with accurate weight information.

The Trimble® LOADRITE® L2180 weighing system verify the weights of every container moved, so you can provide accurate information for logistics compliance and reporting.

The weight information can also be used to analyze your operation for efficiency improvement and maintenance cost reduction.

Trimble systems help:

Increase process efficiency
Increase traceability
Improve work safety

Trimble has a range of products for port operations including:

Reach stacker scales
Fork lift scales
Loader scales
Excavator scales
Conveyor belt scales
Tire monitoring systems

Contact your local dealer today to learn how easy it is to utilize technology that makes significant improvements to the transportation workflow, improve efficiency and lower your operating costs.


In 1978, Charlie Trimble and two others from Hewlett-Packard founded Trimble above the old Los Altos theatre in Silicon Valley. From its start, Trimble focused on developing innovative positioning and navigation products. Initially, the fledgling company based its products on LORAN technology, a ground-based navigation, location and timing system in U.S. coastal waters, and focused its products on the marine navigation market. Then as the Global Positioning System (GPS) was being developed, Charlie and the other founders’ sought to develop the immature GPS technology that Trimble had purchased from Hewlett-Packard.

Today, Trimble engineers worldwide are working on cutting-edge positioning applications that no one could even imagine just a few years ago. With more than 500 products, Trimble continues to lead the way in developing position-centric solutions to address some of the world’s most complex challenges. Trimble technology can be found in consumer and commercial vehicles, construction equipment, farm machinery, computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and more. Innovative applications include dispatching and managing fleets, surveying and building roads, monitoring and mapping earthquake damage, recording and synchronizing international financial transactions, and improving the efficiency of wireless communications networks. Trimble is changing the way work is done by linking positioning to productivity.

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Trimble LOADRITE L2180 Reach Stacker Scales

Container handling productivity optimization and compliance Ensure compliance to SOLAS regulations, track and improve container handling with accurate weight information. The Trimble® LOADRITE® L2180 weighing system verify the weights of …

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