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TMEIC - Crane Control Systems for Ports and Terminals

Performance Evaluation: Custom Harmonic Filter Design for Port Cranes

Author's note: AC Drive Systems as used on port crane equipment demand the application of harmonic filtering to reduce or eliminate the impact of harmonic ‘noise’ as it affects the balance of equipment on the crane. This article addresses the design needs of industry standard IEEE 519 for quay crane electrical systems, with a focus on […]

Automated Stacking Cranes In Port Terminals

Shipping containers revolutionized the movement of goods, driving change and efficiency throughout the global supply chain. The next revolution in container handling is the application of automation to container terminal operation. At this time there are multiple automated container terminals in operation, and more in development globally. The challenge has been to automate operations in […]

TMEIC drives container-handling system innovations and improvements

At ports and terminals around the world, automation is on the rise, in part because of the improvements in safety, productivity, quality and profitability, but also in response to the continued increase in vessel size, port and vessel utilisation and the need for enhanced productivity. TMEIC Corporation’s material handling business based in Roanoke, Virginia, US, […]

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