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TMEIC - Crane Control Systems for Ports and Terminals

Fuel Efficient RTG Crane Control - MaxFuelSaver™

MaxFuelSaver™ for RTG cranes from TMEIC. Diesel engine speed is carefully controlled at every load.  The system employs a standard TMEIC converter supplying DC power to the constant voltage bus feeding the hoist, trolley, and gantry drives and motors. A standard TMEIC inverter regenerates power whenever loads are decelerating, and supplies this power to auxiliary loads such as the air conditioning, brakes, pumps, etc. It should be noted the system does not reduce the acceleration time of the hoist so throughput is not affected.

• Variable Speed Generator control

• Reduces engine maintenance

• Reduces fuel consumption 24-42%

• Hoist acceleration rate is not compromised

• Reduces engine emissions

• Reduces audible noise


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Crane Sway Control System

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