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TBA - Simulation, Training and TOS for ports, terminals & warehouses

TBA: The Journey of Controls

Let’s begin in 2003 when TBA started to develop a first emulation model for a container terminal. At that time at the ECT Delta terminal in Rotterdam, a replacement of the TOS and Equipment Control System (ECS) was being planned. In order to obtain preliminary performance results simulation models both for the TOS and for […]

How Smart Technologies Increase Terminal Performance

Terminals are continuously focused on increasing the productivity and reducing their costs in order to obtain outstanding performance. Although, most terminal operators will agree that gains in performance are achieved through process improvement, it is also true that not all will meet the desired outcome. Terminal operators are relying heavily on the TOS for data […]

10 Pre-Requisites for Smart Terminals: 2019 Update

TBA’s chief Dr. Yvo Saanen provides an update on his previous paper, focusing on the development of smart terminals. In 2018, the first version of this paper was published, reflecting on the technologies that bring value to ports and terminals, yet also reviewing the level to which these technologies have been adopted. The conclusion then […]

Human-Machine Interfaces: The Key to Productivity?

The notion of an ‘automated container terminal’ suggests a very limited involvement of humans in the daily running of operations, however despite this conception, the reality is far from that. The truth is that automated terminals heavily rely on human influence to keep the fleets of driverless machines running, as well as to deal with […]

10 Pre-Requisites for Smart Terminals

Editor's note: This paper, and the attendant Edition 81, is the first to feature video optimization. We’re really excited to launch this new initiative in which you can click on the main image of each piece and watch related video from our author(s), as well as click on links throughout the paper to view pertinent and helpful […]

20 Years of High-Definition Simulation in the Port Industry

More than 20 years of operations, 1,000 projects across 250-plus terminals, over 500 man-years spent on simulation. Sound crazy? This the story so far for TBA, which is improving the quality of decision-making in ports and terminals. Multi-million projects require a firm foundation of decisionmaking, which solid models can provide. At the time we started […]

Turning Data into Knowledge: Bridging the Gap in the Terminal Industry

Using data to drive operational improvements is a common industry practise, and the port logistics industry is no exception. However, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to improve operations is not always as straightforward as it might seem. The fact is that the process poses a continuous challenge. The usage of data to improve your operation […]

Green Shipping to the Fore

Shipping is the unsung hero and loyal servant of world trade and plays a pivotal role in facilitating many economic activities. Few industries, businesses and consumers are not touched, infl uenced or aff ected by shipping, by virtue of the fact that 95% of global trade is carried through seaborne means. Ships of all types and sizes carry a stunning range of cargoes […]

Using Intelligent TOS Plug-Ins to Increase Terminal Performance

As volumes have found their way up again, and additional terminal capacity is not easily realized, terminals return to seeking improvements in their internal processes. Based on our experience, which covers over 50 terminals where we assisted in performance improvement programs, it is possible to make substantial performance gains for internal processes. This is also recognized […]

Automatic Twistlock Systems

The current practice at container terminals is to manually remove twistlocks from containers – a time consuming activity. This process can be automated, which saves time, reduces risk at the terminal and contributes to a more efficient operation. The removal of the twistlocks takes on average 15-20 seconds. When this process can be skipped, the […]

Update: Dry Bulk Terminal Capacity Planning

In 2012, the international seaborne trade for dry bulk cargo continued to grow: an overall growth of 5.7 percent, within which was a 7.2 percent increase rate for major bulks. Unlike other types of terminals (e.g. container terminals, general cargo terminals), for dry bulk terminals it is important to distinguish if they are export or import terminals. Because of […]

Update: Maritime Sector Logistics 4.0

The steam engine. Electricity. Automation. The Internet of Things: these 4 terms describe the evolution of industrial progress in roughly the last 2 eras. The Internet of Things – also addressed as the fourth wave in industrial development, or as the ‘digitisation’ of industry – offers various opportunities to the port sector. Machines, devices, containers, […]

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