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Smiths Detection - Threat Detection Systems for Ports and Terminals

Bot Controlled Borders

The ports and borders sector looks to be growing and needs new AI technology to support it

Port and Border Security: Technology to Transform

The escalating problem of cross-border movement of contraband is driving the need for advanced technology, which not only detects a range of illicit or dangerous items, but also introduces a much higher level of automation. Add to this ever-increasing volumes of traffic at ports and land borders, a requirement for stricter controls and faster clearance times and the list of demands for border security is long and complex

Smoking Out Smugglers

This organisational feature looks at Smiths Detections' mobile cargo scanner HCVM T x-ray system for detecting smuggling threats at Luxembourg customs. Its material discrimination capability enables a high level of steel penetration so complete vehicles can be scanned, thereby increasing effectiveness.

Exclusive Q&A Jean Olivier Fer, Director of Product Management, Smiths Detection

This exclusive Q&A with Smiths Detection provides background information for the company and the solutions available for container ports. Its IONSCAN 600 portable explosives detector, a device with no special-handling requires. The IONSCAN 600 is Smiths Detection's radio-active technology and is cost-effective for preventing the transportation of explosives. Smiths Detection also discusses its iCmore threat recognition software. In the future, iCmore will be automatic

Building a secure world: London’s leading security and national resilience event

Security remains at the top of the agenda for anyone involved in transportation. With an increased awareness of terrorist threats, ever growing demand for travel and higher passenger and cargo throughput, ports and shipping companies are under increasing pressure to uphold high levels of security whilst at the same time, maintaining efficiency.

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Send a direct enquiry: RFQs, RFPs, Tenders