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IONSCAN 600: Portable non-radioactive desktop trace explosives identifier

The IONSCAN 600 is a next-generation, portable desktop system used to detect and identify trace amounts of explosives. It features a proprietary non-radioactive ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) source, which means no licensing or specialized handling.  Universal software icon commands make training and operation fast and easy.


The onboard diagnostics assist operators with maintenance, which is minimal, while offering troubleshooting for error resolution. Sampling is vastly improved and done manually with cost-effective swabs or an optional low cost, re-designed wand.  The system weighs just 23 lbs (10.4 kg) and has a built-in handle for portability. Hot-swappable batteries provide uninterrupted sampling and analysis capability.


IONSCAN 600 offers unmatched performance throughout extreme temperatures and features a robust design to enhance productivity.

HCVL: X-ray screening for cars and light vehicles image thumbnail

HCVL: X-ray screening for cars and light vehicles

HCVL provides a fast and efficient solution for screening 100% of fully loaded light vehicles, including cars, vans, minibuses and mobile homes for threats such as drugs, explosives, weapons, contraband, …

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