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Smiths Detection - Threat Detection Systems for Ports and Terminals

HCVP: Pass through X-ray inspection for trucks, containers and air cargo

The HCVP X-ray inspection systems optimizes security checks at ports, airports and border crossings by inspecting trucks, containers, and vehicles for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction and contraband, as well as manifest verification; reducing the need for timely manual inspections.  With its powerful accelerator, steel penetration of up to 300mm (11.8ft), and high throughput of up to 100 vehicles per hour, HCVP meets the most demanding security screening requirements.


The automatic free-flow scanning procedure guarantees the constant movement of vehicles on site. The scanning process begins when the end of the driver’s cabin has been detected; the driver and cabin are not scanned during this process.


HCVP can be upgraded with automatic gamma and neutron radiation detection (ARD), as well as optical character recognition (OCR) for number plate and/or container ID.

HCVL: X-ray screening for cars and light vehicles image thumbnail

HCVL: X-ray screening for cars and light vehicles

HCVL provides a fast and efficient solution for screening 100% of fully loaded light vehicles, including cars, vans, minibuses and mobile homes for threats such as drugs, explosives, weapons, contraband, …

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