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Siemens - Market-Specific Solutions

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Productivity increases with all applications: The scalable technology modules of our SIMOCRANE platform cover the growing demands of dockside cranes as well as industrial cranes. More information on SIMOCRANE

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Crane Drive Technology

Driving cranes efficiently: With our innovative, energy-efficient and reliable drive systems, we are able to offer appropriate solutions for all crane applications – as well as support you with comprehensive …

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Totally Integrated Power – Electrification solutions for cranes and harbors  More information on electrification

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SIMOTICS SD next generation – a perfect robust motor for your crane and hoist applications with digital features as a standard. More information on SIMOTICS SD next generation

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Remote Control Operation System

Siemens Remote Control Operation System enables an operator to accurately control the crane from a comfortable remote office environment. A complete solution to increase safety, usability and productivity. More information on …

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Terminal Supervisor System

Terminal Supervisor System combines 3D virtual reality overview with real time status and diagnostics information. Get more out of your terminal: maximum support for operation and maintenance supervisors. More information …

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Sway Control

SIMOCRANE Sway Control offers a powerful sway control system with neutralization of sway in manual and automatic positioning operation with safety and time optimized trajectory. More information on Sway Control

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Basic Technology

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology provides optimum motion control for all main drives ensuring reliable crane performance, simple engineering and fast commissioning.  More information on Basic Technology

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