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Saab - Maritime Vessel Traffic Management Systems for Ports

R5 SUPREME AIS Transponder

The Saab R5 Supreme AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels. It fully utilizes our fifth generation transponder technology, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, which is in operation aboard some 20,000 ships worldwide.

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The V3000 VTMIS is a proven solution for Vessel Traffic Services for a wide range of systems. Easily scalable from single radar, single display solutions to multiple traffic centres with …

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Platform Protection

Saab’s platform protection solutions provide continuous real-time monitoring for hazardous situations and warn well in time of impending collisions. A system you can rely on Reliability is the most important …

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The right Port Management Information System (PMIS) can have a significant positive impact on the daily operation of the port by giving users the information, notifications and analysis they need, …

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KleinPilot gives Pilots mobile access to the timely, accurate information they need to do their jobs. It helps Pilotages improve the efficiency of their pilot dispatching function and manage pilot …

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The CoastWatch Coastal Surveillance Network (CoastWatch/CSN) is a software platform which can be used in many different marine applications: AIS Networks Coastal Surveillance Sea Traffic Management CoastWatch/CSN provides a robust, …

R40 AIS Base Station image thumbnail

R40 AIS Base Station

The R40 Base Station from Saab is the main component of a Physical AIS Shore Station as defined by IALA. Its main purpose is to receive data from and transmit …

R5 SOLID AIS Transponder image thumbnail

R5 SOLID AIS Transponder

The R5 Solid is a single box solution for Automatic Identification System (AIS) on board a vessel.

R5 SUPREME AIS Transponder image thumbnail

R5 SUPREME AIS Transponder

The Saab R5 Supreme AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels. It fully utilizes our fifth generation transponder technology, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, which is …

R5 SUPREME W-AIS Transponder image thumbnail

R5 SUPREME W-AIS Transponder

The R5 SUPREME S W-AIS System is based on the R5 SUPREME AIS product, but offers great benefits for qualified customers. In addition to working as a Class A transponder, …

R4A mk II airborne AIS Transponder image thumbnail

R4A mk II airborne AIS Transponder

The AIS technology is not only for maritime vessels, it can also be used on board aircraft, provided that it is airworthy. Saab’s R4A  MkII – Airborne AIS Transponder can …

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The IMO-compliant Saab Navigation systems have been the top choice for professional mariners for close to a decade. Saab offers the R5 generation of type approved GNSS and DGNSS Navigation …

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The R5 RIC Radar Interface Computer features cutting edge signal acquisition and processing for high resolution digital radar video. The platform has flexible interfaces so radars from a variety of …

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Qimera guides the hydrographic processor through data processing steps, simplifying what has traditionally been a complicated process. It’s unique IO Balanced Multi-Core Engine is specifically designed to process bathymetry data …

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QINSy is a hydrographic data acquisition, navigation and processing software package. The suite of applications can be used for various types of surveys, ranging from simple single beam surveys up …

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Qastor is a precise marine navigation, piloting and vessel docking software, primarily designed as an ECS for marine piloting operations. Qastor has also proven to be a useful navigation tool …

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The strength of Qarto is the very fast and automated ENC production. Qarto makes possible the short turnaround times from survey to chart that are necessary for the safe operation …

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Fledermaus is the industry leading interactive 4D geospatial processing and analysis tool. With the release of Version 7 we have moved this to the next dimension: the addition of a …

ADX XR image thumbnail


The new and lightweight ADX XR – Extreme Reliability – provides the highest possible level of accuracy and reliability for PPU, Portable Pilot Unit, applications. Operated independently, the ADX performs …

ADX Duo Portable Pilot Unit image thumbnail

ADX Duo Portable Pilot Unit

The ADX DUO is designed to provide highly accurate and reliable navigation data for safe manoeuvring at a lower price point. Using the ADX DUO PPU system, the pilot gains …

ADQ-2 AIS Pilot Plug image thumbnail

ADQ-2 AIS Pilot Plug

ADQ-2 is the ultimate tool for wireless connection to a professional pilot’s ECS using the onboard AIS pilot plug. ADQ-2 also provides independent Rate of Turn. ADQ-2 utilizes industry standard …

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