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Saab - Maritime Vessel Traffic Management Systems for Ports

Saab Maritime Traffic Management delivers a wide range of integrated solutions to maritime users around the world. These solutions allow our customers to:

  • Run efficient ports;
  • Manage safety and efficiency of traffic on waterways;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Support law enforcement and coast guards;
  • Perform underwater surveys; and
  • Perform precise navigation.

Fairway to Freeway:

For operations in a port to run like clockwork, each process in handling a ship’s visit must be well planned, with all of the services and resources available just in time. Saab’s Fairway to Freeway concept aims to do that by linking various solutions together, enabling them to profit from information that would otherwise not be available.

One stop shopping:

Outside our Maritime Traffic Management department, we have many other Saab solutions available, from communications to incident management, from underwater vehicles to patrol aircraft. And it does not stop there. Not only does Saab provide solutions, we are also a systems’ integrator, providing fixed date / fixed price systems. Our solutions seldom work in isolation. With Saab you have the certainty that if it can work together, it will.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 717
AS Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

+31 543 2500



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