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ProDevelop - Management Systems for Port Operations

ProDevelop is a company highly specialized in ICT application for the maritime industry, which prides itself on its ability to offer innovative and flexible solutions, specially designed to meet the requirements of each and every one of its clients. It offers comprehensive port information system platforms, which focus mainly on meeting the needs of Port authorities.

The portfolio of ProDevelop covers from Port Management Information Systems to Integrated Port Operation Management Systems, Port Community Systems, Safety & Security, Environmental Management Systems, Space Management, Mobile Workforce, etc

20-year experience offering specialized solutions for managing and optimizing Port Authorities activities has led us to create Posidonia: Port Solution Suite for Port Management

Posidonia is a highly modular suite of products that may be deployed in isolation or together, which cover the vast majority of management processes of a Port Authority.

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Port Management Information System (PMIS) image thumbnail

Port Management Information System (PMIS)

Posidonia Management is a Port Management Information System (PMIS), aimed at the improvement of efficiency in service management supplied by a Port Authority. Its design and construction have been made …

Port Operation Management System image thumbnail

Port Operation Management System

Posidonia Operations is an Integrated Port Operation Management System highly customizable and allows a port to optimize its maritime operational activities related to the flow of vessels in the port …

Technical Papers

Update: SmartPort: Information in Your Hands

In recent decades, ports have been going through a continuous transition of becoming more open to their communities. They have evolved from being civil works managers to service providers, and this transformation has led to more and more information being exchanged between the port and its environment. Thus, port authorities began to exchange information electronically with their partners, first using electronic data interchange (EDI), and later implementing port community systems (PCS). With the development of the internet, ports also started to publish information on their websites, first static data and subsequently dynamic information, creating a communication channel with its environment that is firmly consolidated. This opening up process has affected the interaction with ports’ business partners, like ship agents, terminals, shipping lines etc. and also the relationship with its local community. A vast number of ports are located in the vicinity or heart of cities. This fact has meant that the opening up of the ports has needed to respond to pressure from citizens wanting to know about the port as a part of their home city. In this spirit, a lot of port-city integration projects have been developed all around the globe.

SmartPort: Port Information In Your Hand

The authors discuss the impact of data sharing and how electronic data interchange has made ports and terminals much more open to their communities. A case in point is the Port of Cartagena, which has been used to illustrate how the adoption of the Posidonia SmartPort app has reinforced its relationship with the port community and stakeholders, consolidates the integration of the port within the city environment and boosts the positioning of the port within the cruise industry.

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