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Port of Rotterdam - Port of the Future

Port Community Systems: Taking Ports to the Next Level

Not too long ago, the major focus for ports was on their physical infrastructure, as the World Economic Forum ranked ports on this basis. The equation was simple: good infrastructure equalled a guaranteed high ranking. However, today’s world demands digital connectivity and an optimal port ecosystem that combines physical assets with world-class information management. Henceforth, […]

Port of Rotterdam’s Stepwise Approach and Blockchain’s Role

The Port of Rotterdam and BlockLab look at blockchain’s potential in this exclusive technical paper. Geo-political changes, sustainability concerns and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are having a profound impact on the way global supply chains operate. Ports can play an important role in dealing with these challenges by providing a globally […]

Moving Towards a Global Network of Ports

Europe's largest port are leading the charge towards “digital maturity” and, in this new paper, reveal the steps smart ports must take. Digitization is a significant contemporary trend, and all ports and maritime companies are aware of the need for change. The question is: how and where to start? This paper outlines a model for digital […]

Smart Ports: A deep transformational moment

This paper sees a telecoms giant outline how it sees ports developing and evolving with 5G – a must read for forward thinking port/terminal executives.  We first heard of the digital revolution years ago when it started in the sectors where adoption speeds were higher, the entry barriers were low, and levels of dynamism in […]

42km of Connected Complexity: Operating in the Digital Future

Editor's note: This paper from the Port of Rotterdam leads Edition 80: Ports of the Future as it is a wonderful overview not just of Rotterdam, but of what the modern smart port is.  Rotterdam is a port city, meaning there's more to the local environment than just the port itself. This paper articulates how […]

42km of Connected Complexity: Operating in the Digital Future

Rotterdam is a port of pioneers. In Rotterdam, we are continuously searching for answers as to how we can do things better or smarter. This paper describes how Rotterdam is aiming to be the smartest port in the world, explaining some of its vision and activities in relation to digital technology. But what exactly is a smart port?  Being a smart port […]

Rotterdam and IBM: Building the Port of the Future

Alongside technology giant IBM, we have launched a new partnership that focuses on the far-reaching digitalization of the port and the development of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This cloud-based platform will allow the Rotterdam Port Authority to collect and process data from a large number of sensors. The initiative is intended to prepare the 42-km port area for autonomous shipping. The […]

Rotterdam Port: Port-Maps Let the Outside in

PortMaps is the Port of Rotterdam’s GISbased system for sharing port-related information. The home page of this system displays itself as a map of Rotterdam and all port data can be accessed from here. We believe that a spatial approach like this – à la Google – is definitely the way forward. More or less […]

Virtual Reality Training for Industrial Firefighting

There is a frenzy of movement on deck as another loud explosion erupts from behind you, accelerating a raging chemical fire at the liquid bulk terminal.The clock is ticking and you need to extinguish the fire now. A walkie-talkie blares in your left hand with updates from the land-side fire department, while your right hand […]

IAPH: New Start with the World Ports Sustainability Program

Ports from all over the world came together in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in July, 2008 for the C40 World Ports Climate Conference, under the slogan of “world ports for a better climate”. This port environment conference, the first of its kind, was organized at the initiative of three bodies, the City of Rotterdam, the Port […]

Green Patrol Rotterdam

Over the next 30 years, the Netherlands will be faced with the challenges of making its economy and society more or less CO2 – neutral. The Port of Rotterdam Authority aims to play a pioneering role in this development and turn the port into a shining example for the worldwide energy transition. And naturally, it […]

Kuenz Technology at Maasvlakte II

The Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is the largest and most important container port and transport hub in Europe, with a container throughput of 11.6 million TEU in 2013 and six million TEU in the first half of 2014. Rotterdam is also the twelfth largest container port in the world and the gateway to […]

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