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Orbita - Automated Systems for Ports and Terminals

GateTRAFFIC - Automated Traffic Management at Port Access Points

GateTRAFFIC combines software and hardware for fully automated traffic management at access points, improving the flow of vehicles and reinforcing gate security measures.

Bringing together all of the physical elements and information systems needed for robust traffic control, GateTraffic is highly flexible to suit multiple operational requirements. It is the perfect complement to GateCCR and GateOS and, when combined, these three modules provide a total solution for access point automation. GateTraffic includes a fail-safe mode of operation, ensuring that traffic management can be rapidly converted back to manual control in case of need.

Features and Benefits

Streamlines vehicle flow through entry and exit gates.
Reduces truck waiting times, queues and congestion.
Improves personnel safety.
Reduces operational costs.
Integrates easily with all commercial traffic control equipment.

GateDMG 3D – Automatic Damage Inspection image thumbnail

GateDMG 3D – Automatic Damage Inspection

Orbita’s Automatic Damage Inspection system detects container damaged areas and reports the information to a Gate Operating System, such as GateOS. The system works unattended, and reports back to the …

Gate ECI 3D – Empty Container Inspection image thumbnail

Gate ECI 3D – Empty Container Inspection

Orbita Empty Container Inspection is a new solution for the automatic identification of objects inside a container. The product consists of a 3D scanning device mounted in a mechanical positioning …

CraneTPS – Truck Positioning System image thumbnail

CraneTPS – Truck Positioning System

Crane Truck Positioning allows terminal trucks to reach the optimal position for a correct loading or unloading process under the spreader, for every lane and any entry direction. Informative displays …

GateCCR - ISO Container Recognition for Ports image thumbnail

GateCCR - ISO Container Recognition for Ports

GateCCR uses advanced IP cameras, megapixel sensors and neural network processing for highly accurate reading of container numbers and truck license plates at access points, plus damage control images and videos …

GateOS - Terminal Gate Operating Software image thumbnail

GateOS - Terminal Gate Operating Software

GateOS gate operating software enables remote management and automated operation of access control points, including robust integration with TOS software. GateOS manages and stores information from the truck admission and exit …

GateLPR - Automated License Plate Recognition image thumbnail

GateLPR - Automated License Plate Recognition

ateLPR provides automatic vehicle license plate recognition for access control in parking areas, tolls and restricted zones. GateLPR is a PC-based system that is easily integrated with other software applications and …

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