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Orbita - Automated Systems for Ports and Terminals

Orbita Ingenieria is an automation technology and engineering company specialising in process control and artificial vision, with a significant presence in the container port and terminal market, plus other industrial sectors.

Our ports and terminals range of products automates the process of identifying containers and trucks as they pass through key facility access points. By dramatically improving gate, quay and yard performance as well as reducing errors in container inventory management, a rapid return on investment is ensured.

A modular design, plus the use of standard, highest quality components, allows us to make a maximum use of our clients’ existing infrastructure and technology, minimising up-front expenditure.

To learn more about Orbita Ports and Terminals and how it has helped our clients to improve efficiency, security and safety, read on or contact us today at:

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ol. Ind. L’Alter C/ Dels Ferrers, 22 ,

Francisco J. Grau Cavanillas

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GateDMG 3D – Automatic Damage Inspection image thumbnail

GateDMG 3D – Automatic Damage Inspection

Orbita’s Automatic Damage Inspection system detects container damaged areas and reports the information to a Gate Operating System, such as GateOS. The system works unattended, and reports back to the …

Gate ECI 3D – Empty Container Inspection image thumbnail

Gate ECI 3D – Empty Container Inspection

Orbita Empty Container Inspection is a new solution for the automatic identification of objects inside a container. The product consists of a 3D scanning device mounted in a mechanical positioning …

CraneTPS – Truck Positioning System image thumbnail

CraneTPS – Truck Positioning System

Crane Truck Positioning allows terminal trucks to reach the optimal position for a correct loading or unloading process under the spreader, for every lane and any entry direction. Informative displays …

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