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Liebherr - Maritime Cranes for Cargo Handling Operations

Innovative Technology for Modern Terminals

Liebherr Maritime Cranes estimates that the reach-stacker market will increase slightly in the future. The prediction is that European rail-and-inland waterway traffic will further develop especially. This trend shall cause an increase of the intermodal sector once more and on the basis of these predicted market developments, Liebherr has developed a new reach-stacker series

New Equipment for New Demands

In the era of mega-ships, ports are dredging berths and expanding in size, however industry crane giants such as Liebherr are also pioneering for a diverse client base in tackling mega-ships

Flexibility at Sharjah Container Terminal

This article tracks Sharjah Container Terminal's development since its inception 38 years ago. Sharjah Container Terminal currently has two Liebherr ship-to-shore cranes and three mobile harbour cranes in operation. With the help of STS cranes, four designated berths and RTG cranes, Sharjah Container Terminal has grown into a thriving facility. The next development at Sharjah Container Terminal involves the installation of two STS gantry cranes in Q1 2015.

High productivity with a new concept crane

A short but concise article focusing on Grup TCB's 'double boom' STS crane operation in contrast to the mobile harbour crane (MHC) to achieve higher terminal productivity. An MHC often takes up much more space on the jetty-pier than an STS crane, increasing the risk of congestion. Subsequently, Grup TCB proposed a new idea for the STS double boom concept that would enable four STS cranes to function at the same time to exceed 100 crane moves per hour (MPH), compared to the MHC's total of 80 MPH

Innovation drives green productivity

Ports are under increasing pressures to overcome the challenge of adapting to environmental regulations. Productivity and Eco-friendliness are two factors which port equipment manufacturers must keep in mind when entering the research and development phase of their operations. Liebherr are a supplier who successfully balance innovation with productivity and Eco-friendliness and are currently working on a number of new projects to reset the benchmark as an efficient cargo handler.

Telestack’s customised mobile ship loading system

Telestack has recently installed and commissioned a mobile materials transfer and ship loading system for Riga Fertiliser Terminal (RFT). The transhipment terminal, when completed at the end of 2014, will be the most advanced and safest handling facility for fertiliser in northern Europe.

Maximising the Potential of Simulators in Training

Crane simulators are a solution that has been utilised for a number of years, but the continued march in technology and the recent launch of the Liebherr LiSIM® has brought a new level of realism and efficiency to the industry.

Sochi heralds new era in Russian port construction

One of Russia’s largest diversified business groups, Basic Element, has recently completed the construction of the Sochi Imeretinsky Port – crucial to ensuring construction materials make their way to the 2014 Winter Olympics site.

Scratching below the surface – container crane purchase

Purchasing a container crane can appear to be a simple process. Requirements are specified and, after tender evaluation, a crane manufacturer is chosen based on the specifications and cost. However, it is often what is not obvious from the proposal that will determine if the purchase will ultimately prove to be a sound investment.

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Send a direct enquiry: RFQs, RFPs, Tenders