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Konecranes - Container Handling Cranes for Port Operations

Konecranes: A New Era is Underway

“The management, working culture and skill-sets of container terminals are generally in good shape. But times change, and new technologies are powerfully coming into play” What are the essential factors implicit in sound port operations? If we take a top-down view of container terminal operations, everything starts with the management of a terminal. If a […]

Q&A with Konecranes Director of Port Technology

Port Technology International discusses green technologies, automation, RTGs and other key issues affecting the container handling industry with Konecranes’ port technology director Hannu Oja. How are the challenges faced by terminal operators today different? There is a greater requirement to minimise vessel turnaround time at berth. This along with the constantly increasing number of container […]

Next-Gen STS Cranes: A Model for the Future

When the container transportation system was developed in the last century, it was built on linear ship berthing and a crane loading and unloading the ship on one side only. The crane was equipped with a boom that could reach across the entire width of the ship. Container pick-up, transfer and drop-down was done by a trolley that travelled along the boom and a […]

Research Paper: Automation and Electric Drives

In recent years there has been moderate annual growth in global container handling volumes – reaching around 700 million TEU in 2017. Meanwhile, the capacity of the world container vessel fleet has increased considerably to over 20 million TEU. Because of this, shipping lines are increasingly operating in global alliances, giving them scope to optimize […]

Automation and Electric Drives

In recent years there has been moderate annual growth in global container handling volumes – reaching around 700 million TEU in 2017. Meanwhile, the capacity of the world container vessel fleet has increased considerably to over 20 million TEU. Shipping lines are also increasingly operating in global alliances, giving them scope to optimize their services and increase their buying power. For container terminals this has […]

Seen But Not Heard

Noise has become an important environment issue across the globe. As transport hubs, container terminals are particularly loud. The most prevalent noise is an almost continuous flow of traffic coming in and out of the port. Then there are ships, port machinery, warning signals and alsrms. Adding to all this are dockside cranes, making their […]

Update: RTG Automation for Every Unique Terminal

Automated container handling is a recognised megatrend in the container handling industry. It started back in the early 1990s, when the ECT Delta Terminal, Rott erdam, began to use unmanned rail mounted gantry cranes in their container yard, with considerable success. The industry noti ced, and investment in new automated terminals grew. Automated container handling […]

The New Era of Container Ports: The Industrial Internet

A new era is beginning in the container handling industry thanks to the rise of the Industrial Internet, the world’s hyper-connectivity, and the automation of container terminal operations. New business and operating models are being revealed that offer great opportunities. With that new risks are also being revealed. Opportunities can be exploited and risks can be minimised by building a sound IT network architecture.   […]

Top eBook: Cutting-Edge Automation

This latest eBook from PTI explores the latest trends and technologies in automation and acts as a precursor to the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Event which is being held on June 8, 2016 in London, England. The eBook features papers from Neil Davidson (Drewry), Dr Eva Savelsberg (INFORM GmbH), Sampo Pihkala (Konecranes), Michael […]

Case Study: RTG Automation for Every Unique Terminal

The mega-ships are here and the pressure to accommodate them is mounting in container terminals, including terminals with manned RTG yard operations. Automation can be a long-term answer to the mega-ship question, and today, automation features can be introduced to increase the productivity of manned RTG operations. Konecranes has an increasing number of RTG customers […]

RBS TOPX-Advance: automation case study

In 2006 the government of Indonesia introduced a nationwide freight transport program to improve the movement of goods through the country’s vast waterways. As part of this program a new terminal called Teluk Lamong Terminal in Surabaya, East Java, was constructed in 2014. In 2013, Teluk Lamong assigned Realtime Business Solutions (RBS) to deliver a […]

GREENCRANES: Testing the way to sustainability in ports

One of the main strategic guidelines established by the European Commission about energy efficiency is related to assuring an effective transition towards the use of energy sources with lower environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Such evolution should be sustainable in the mid to long term from different points of view, including the economic-financial, environmental and social perspectives. In recent years […]

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