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INFORM GmbH - Optimization Software for Maritime and Inland Terminals

Yard Optimizer image thumbnail

Yard Optimizer

Assigns an optimized position in the yard or staging area to each load unit (container, empty container, reefer, hazardous cargo, semi-trailer, etc.). The overall goal is to use space efficiently, …

Crane Optimizer image thumbnail

Crane Optimizer

Dynamically assigns each work order to the corresponding crane (rail, STS or ASC crane) and optimizes their sequence of work orders. This reduces travel distances and improves on-schedule performance.

Vehicle Optimizer image thumbnail

Vehicle Optimizer

Assigns each transport order to the most suitable vehicle (straddle carrier, reach stacker, AGV, tractor, etc.) in real-time and creates multiple transport chains. This reduces waiting times and minimizes empty …

Train Load Optimizer image thumbnail

Train Load Optimizer

Automatically creates optimized train load plans – in pre-planning as well as in real-time while loading is in progress. The result is a faster and on-schedule train dispatch and a …

Truck Scheduler image thumbnail

Truck Scheduler

Calculates an optimized sequence of loading and unloading points for each truck and automatically assigns the required handling equipment – thus reducing overall turnaround times.

SyncroTESS for Inland Terminals image thumbnail

SyncroTESS for Inland Terminals

INFORM’s intelligent software for inland terminals has been specifically designed for intermodal processes. It combines a complete TOS and optimization modules.

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