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INFORM GmbH - Optimization Software for Maritime and Inland Terminals

INFORM specializes in Agile Optimization Software to improve operational decision making. We offer a wide variety of optimization solutions for maritime and inland terminals. Designed by terminal professionals and powered by best-of-breed algorithms, they are able to make split second decisions, moving every container and equipment into an optimized position, giving them a head start for their next move – irrespective of their grade of automation (manual, semi or full).

Integrating with almost every existing TOS and IT landscape,  these systems render a wide range of terminal processes (e.g. rail crane operations, yard management, etc.) more productive, agile, and reliable. Major terminal operators around the world use INFORM’s field-proven software to speed up their processes: APM Terminals (Maasvlakte II), Port of Hamburg (HHLA CTA + CTB), Port of Los Angeles (TraPac, LLC), GCT Deltaport, and many others.

INFORM is the leading company for Agile Optimization Software. Other applications include Logistics, Inventory and Supply Chain Management, Airline & Airport Operations, S&OP, Materials Handling, Production Scheduling, Fraud Prevention, and Workforce Management. Globally, more than 550 business analysts and software engineers, originating from more than 30 nations, provide systems to more than 1,000 customers in over 40 countries. Solution deployment is turn-key, including individual customization, on-site consulting, go-live assistance, and perpetual 24/7 support.

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Yard Optimizer image thumbnail

Yard Optimizer

Assigns an optimized position in the yard or staging area to each load unit (container, empty container, reefer, hazardous cargo, semi-trailer, etc.). The overall goal is to use space efficiently, …

Crane Optimizer image thumbnail

Crane Optimizer

Dynamically assigns each work order to the corresponding crane (rail, STS or ASC crane) and optimizes their sequence of work orders. This reduces travel distances and improves on-schedule performance.

Vehicle Optimizer image thumbnail

Vehicle Optimizer

Assigns each transport order to the most suitable vehicle (straddle carrier, reach stacker, AGV, tractor, etc.) in real-time and creates multiple transport chains. This reduces waiting times and minimizes empty …

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