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EMG ELDRO® classic Standard series image thumbnail

EMG ELDRO® classic Standard series

All elements of a hydraulic actuation system are combined in the electrohydraulic thrusters from EMG to produce a compact assembly. When switched off, the hydraulic piston with the piston rod …

EMG ELDRO®classic DC series image thumbnail

EMG ELDRO®classic DC series

ELDRO® DC thrusters are used in systems with an existing direct current power supply. The thrusters must be connected electrically in parallel. An electrical connection of the ELDRO® motors in …

EMG ELDRO®classic Explosion-proof series image thumbnail

EMG ELDRO®classic Explosion-proof series

Gases, vapours, fumes and dust are generated or escape during the production, processing, transport and storage of combustible substances in many industrial sectors. When combined with oxygen, an explosive atmosphere …

EMG ELHY® series image thumbnail

EMG ELHY® series

The motor housing accommodates the stator of the drive motor, which is designed as a three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motor. The motor runs in the operating fluid. The electrical connection …

EMG ELDRO®dynamic series image thumbnail

EMG ELDRO®dynamic series

The new generation of electro-hydraulic lifting devices from EMG, ELDRO®dynamic, is characterised by faster operating times due to optimised pump impellers and reduced flow losses. In addition, the IE3 motor …

ELDRO®digital image thumbnail


The ELDRO®digital combines the new thruster generation EMG ELDRO®dynamic with evaluation electronics for the acquisition and advance evaluation of sensor and operating data for connection to a condition monitoring system. …

EMG Brakematic® Control for electrohydraulic brake systems image thumbnail

EMG Brakematic® Control for electrohydraulic brake systems

BRAKEMATIC® controls for electrohydraulic drum and disc brakes fundamentally consist of a programmable frequency converter (FC) with functional modules (pedal, internal or external parametrisation interface, process control module with measuring …

EMG ELDRO® EdC image thumbnail


Electro hydraulic actuators from the EdC series, which exhibit extremely compact dimensions, are capable of generating a comparatively large lifting force of 1,000 N. Their main areas of application include …

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