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ELME - Spreaders for Container Handling Application

ELME Spreader – The World-leading Independent Spreader Manufacturer

ELME Spreader supports companies worldwide with container handling solutions that make their work easier and more profitable. Over a period of four decades, our customers have attached over 22,000 ELME spreaders to their lift trucks, reach stackers, straddle carriers and cranes.

Started as a one man activity in 1974, today, ELME Spreader employs over 200 highly qualified people, who develop, design, produce, market and service over 1,100 spreaders annually. Every single spreader is built at the plant in Älmhult where all the work is carried out – from start to finish it’s an all In-house production. This unique approach, resulting in 100% control over the production and final quality of the products, has made ELME Spreader the world’s leading independent spreader manufacturer.

The ELME Spreader product range includes spreaders for cranes, straddle carriers, lift trucks and reach stackers for ISO container handling and spreaders for intermodal handling, allowing the spreader to handle swap bodies, trailers and bottom lift containers. We also offer a wide range of piggyback slave attachments and special equipment for cranes and trucks together with our range of approved spare parts – ELME Genuine Parts.

Our customers are located on seven different continents and include both internationally recognized OEM manufacturers as well as end users, who use ELME spreaders as their standard working tool for their equipment.

ELME Spreader was founded in 1974 by Gösta Karlsson, a mechanical engineer from Ljungby, Småland, who dreamed of running a business of his own. During the same year, the first ELME spreader was delivered to a company in Gothenburg, Sweden. Through hard work, commitment and persistence Mr Karlsson managed to build one of the most renowned companies in the business. At the age of 70, Gösta Karlsson is still very much active in the daily operations and strategic development of the company.


ELME Philosophy

Our philosophy…
…is to be the leading independent spreader manufacturer in the world
…is to have a wide range of spreader models and attachments for container and material handling
…is to have customized products within well-defined modules
…is to have a rapid development process to meet specific customer requirements
…is to have an efficient in-house manufacturing
…is to be a long term OEM supplier

ELME Product & Design Philosophy

  • Design for durability
  • Reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simplicity
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Most value for money

Contact Details

Stålgatan 6

+46 10 222 18 00



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ELME Crane Spreaders

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ELME Truck Spreaders

The ELME truck spreader line includes spreaders for both empty and laden container handling. Our empty container handlers provide a choice of several different container engagement systems, for fast single …

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ELME Straddle Carrier Spreaders

The ELME product range also includes spreaders specifically developed to use on straddle carriers – either single or twin-lift mode.

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