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CyberLogitec - IT Solutions and Operating Systems for Ports

Automation in 2018 e-Book

The e-Book, which also features exclusive papers from Containerchain, Motorola and Manzanillo International Terminal, opens with a paper from maritime innovation and consultancy expert company CyberLogitec with an offering that looks into how ‘smart’ become the new ‘small’. We have seen a trend across all fields of technology to smart operations over a simply smaller design […]

RTLS Technologies in Terminals

Container terminals employ a variety of real-time locating services (RTLS) that range from DGPS/INS to RFID technology. Terminal equipment positioning systems, extended real-time monitoring systems, and auto hand off systems are all currently applied in container terminals that are operating today. Below are some of the existing RTLS technologies and their pros and cons, as […]

CyberLogitec: The Technology of the Future

What are the essential factors implicit in sound port operations? The most essential factors to a sound port operation are process automation and enhancing operational efficiency. The overall terminal operation cycle has become complicated throughout the years and will become more complicated due to the rapid growth of the vessel sizes which currently go up […]

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Send a direct enquiry: RFQs, RFPs, Tenders