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CyberLogitec - IT Solutions and Operating Systems for Ports

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OPUS Terminal

Used by more than 50 major terminals around the world, Opus Terminal is a highly integrated TOS platform that provides full coverage of the entire terminal operation, accommodating the needs …

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Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye platform provides comprehensive equipment workflow management within the terminal, allowing different types of equipment to be monitored and operated efficiently under a single umbrella. By standardizing equipment …

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OPUS Stowage

The  comprehensive  OPUS  Stowage  planning  solution analyzes  stowage  patterns,  optimizes  the  planning  environment  and  maximizes  loading  capacity.  OPUS  Stowage  Prime  is  a  next-generation  engine  that  automatically  generates  plans  using  years  …

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SmartLink is an e-Service solution that integrates with OPUS logistics to provide logistics visibility. It connects with forwarders in multiple industry organisations, including customers, port authorities, terminals and shipping liners. …

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ALLEGRO integrates business processes covering the entire container liner shipping operation.  Global shipping  operations  are  managed  under  a  single  umbrella,  where  business is tightly integrated. Business process within end-to-end operations …

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A single platform service, CARA allows inclusive collaboration, such as joint operation, slot swaps and alliances among shipping liners, and enables shipping liners to share information from management of delicate …

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