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CyberLogitec - IT Solutions and Operating Systems for Ports

CyberLogitec is the global leader in advanced technological solutions for shipping, terminals, and logistics industries. Our vision is to be the solutions partner of choice by leveraging on cutting-edge technologies and extensive industrial experience to make the world’s time and space more valuable. Our core strengths stem from the ability to lead our clients towards business and operational success and along the way, forge valuable partnerships.

With innovative technology and engineering capabilities, we offer cost-effective and comprehensive solutions that meets the requirements of an evolving global market. Our solutions include an advanced automated terminal operation system, integrated container & bulk carrier operation system, and container yard & vessel management system.

CyberLogitec remains committed to deliver quality solutions and services to its customers. Taking into account changing trends of the market, we continuously leverage on the resources from our research and development arm to drive business transformation.

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Contact Details

16th Fl. Nuritkum Square R&D Tower
World cup Buk-ro 396
South Korea

Daniel Park

+822 6350 2000

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OPUS Terminal image thumbnail

OPUS Terminal

Used by more than 50 major terminals around the world, Opus Terminal is a highly integrated TOS platform that provides full coverage of the entire terminal operation, accommodating the needs …

Eagle Eye image thumbnail

Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye platform provides comprehensive equipment workflow management within the terminal, allowing different types of equipment to be monitored and operated efficiently under a single umbrella. By standardizing equipment …

OPUS Stowage image thumbnail

OPUS Stowage

The  comprehensive  OPUS  Stowage  planning  solution analyzes  stowage  patterns,  optimizes  the  planning  environment  and  maximizes  loading  capacity.  OPUS  Stowage  Prime  is  a  next-generation  engine  that  automatically  generates  plans  using  years  …

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NEW PAPER: How ‘Smart’ is the New ‘Small’

A new and exclusive paper from end-to-end solution provider CyberLogitec outlines a vision for the future of the port and terminal sector, charting the digital transformation witnessed in recent times

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Technical Papers

Smart is the New Small

Digital transformation has been bringing sweeping changes across all industries. In shipping, the evolution has been progressive but slow.

Optimization Dilemmas In Megaship Handling

Competition between container terminals is becoming fiercer, and because of this handling fees have plummeted. Since it is becoming more and more difficult for terminal operators to maintain even mediocre profit rates, they are increasingly focused on optimizing resources like berths, machines, and the workforce.

RTLS Technologies in Terminals

In this paper are some of the existing RTLS technologies and their pros and cons, as well as an insight into how they are used in various types of terminals

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