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Cirrus - Vessel Scheduling for Ports and Terminals

SEABERTH - Berth Scheduling & Simulation Application

SEABERTH’s scheduling algorithm is able to recommend the best vessel schedule, that is compliant with the port service agreements and all the factors which a Harbour Master or Vessel Planner needs to take into consideration when scheduling a vessel movement.

The scheduling process plans the schedule from pilot on board to pilot departing on vessel departure. It considers berth availability and the impact on all resources including pilots, tugs, mooring gangs, cargo transfer equipment and inventory together with port outbound movements by vessel, truck, rail or pipeline.

As ETAs are confirmed, the scheduler can make final adjustments to the plan supported by recommendations from SEABERTH.

SEABERTH can work in real-time, or can be used off-line to test plans, or to analyse historic data to assist in the continual improvement in the vessel planning process.

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