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Bedeschi - Bulk Handling Specialist

BEDESCHI S.p.A. has been established in 1908, more than hundred years ago and since then offers a fully integrated line of products and services widely used in many fields such as bricks, tiles and cement manufacturing, bulk material handling and transport, mining and marine logistics.

Company headquarters are in Limena where the main workshop is located (35.000 m2 on a total area of 70.000 m2), other locations are in Milan, Bergamo, Genoa and US.

All the relevant parts of the equipment are manufactured in house with the highest standards in term of fabrication, assembly and quality control. This guarantees a fully controlled sourcing procedure, product quality, spare parts availability and deepest technical knowledge of the products.

Bedeschi is an organization serving worldwide (more than 90% of sales are outside Italy) many costumers in different industries providing integrated solution through an extensive commercial and technical network being able to provide prompt and immediate solutions to any costumers need.

Milestones in the company expansion are Bedeschi America Inc. (the Florida subsidiary serving the American market), Bedeschi Handling (EPC contractor), CTP Team (working for a better environment with its gas cleaning equipment), ONT Spa, the newest member of the Bedeschi family, (specialist for the bulk material handling and pipe and belt conveyor lines).


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Contact Details

Address: via Praimbole 38,
Limena (PD)

+39 049 7663100

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Screw Conveyor Shiploader image thumbnail

Screw Conveyor Shiploader

Traditional with belt conveyor to be installed on the dock for the ship loading from the Handy/Handymax to the bigger Capesize till the Valemax with a capacity of 400.000 dwt …

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– Valemax biggest transhipment up to 100,000 tpd operation – Any type of solution for impact for import and barge export

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Stationary hoppers or alternatively mobile on rail connected to the grab for the receiving of the bulk material unloaded from the ships. Hoppers are designed with system for the dust’s …

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Technical Papers

Green Bulk Loading and Transportation

It is clear that ports have a responsibility toward their environment and that port governance necessary should take care of effective logistics and operations. While in the past, the environmental safeguard was not an issue; nowadays ports worldwide consider the prevention of pollution a firstobjective, especially with import/export of dry bulk cargo (coal, grain, iron ore, fertilizer, etcetera). In this case, the risk of spillage and dust production is very critical.

Bedeschi responds to new challenges PT 2

The telescopic chute is an ideal solution in preventing the common problem of breaking particles, as well as minimising dust generation when loading bulk material. In the Titan case this was totally avoided thanks to the loading operation which consisted of the vessel hatch covers being completely closed, similar to a loading operation effectuated on a closed silo. The design of a telescopic chute ensures that material particles are kept in mass flow form and at low velocity.

Bedeschi responds to new challenges

This organisational feature looks at Bedeschi's solutions for improving bulk operations at ports and terminals. Bedeschi has outlined multiple case studies for examining ship loading at ports and solutions for improving customer service. During the shiploading process, a shiploader moves along a quay on a portal travelling device and then receives the bulk material, along the fixed quay gallery belt conveyor, a process in which Bedeschi has become adept

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