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Aidrivers - Autonomous Mobility. Only Do Better.

Aidrivers provide specialised Ai enabled autonomous mobility solutions for port terminal automation that meet the needs of port operators.

The company is working passionately to address industrial mobility challenges towards a sustainable future. This is done by optimising industrial operations and improving the quality of service.

Aidrivers was founded by Dr Swash and built by a team of seasoned professionals who come from leading engineering, automotive, gaming and data analytics backgrounds. Alumni of international universities are now also integral to Aidrivers. The talent pool has outstanding expertise in problem solving, engineering, autonomy, AI, robotics, sensors, security and automation.

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Company Vision:

Our vision is to deliver AI enabled autonomous mobility automation which enables operators to optimise their operations and improve the quality of service.


Company Mission

Our mission to accelerate autonomous mobility and address industrial challenges for sustainable automation.

Contact Details

Crimson Court
1390 Uxbridge Road
UB10 0NE
United Kingdom

Sadaf Ghani
PR Executive

+44 (0) 7412 663 596

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