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Navis - Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) for Ports and Terminals

Working as One: Data Sharing

Kober presents an excellent argument for why greater visibility outweighs data sharing concerns, backing up his points with information gathered from port and terminal industry executives.

End-to-End Planning Processes

This latest offering from one of Port Technology's most regular and well-read contributors takes us beyond the port and explores how we can plan the supply chain from an end-to-end perspective

Digital Container Shipping: The Path Toward Intelligent Supply Chains

Our industry cannot simply look at new technologies in isolation. We must be attuned to end users, taking note of their experience and implementing it as a core element in inspiring broader changes to transportation and logistical processes, argue Mafran Martinez and Dr. Oscar Pernia

Automated Intelligence

Why is realizing the full potential of automated terminals for operational performance taking so long? And, for those who succeed in automation, why is it so complex and difficult?

The New Era of Container Shipping

In the new era we see, vendors of solutions will date to venture out their niches and look for solutions that connect and interchange information in real time to provide actionable visibility and enable efficient decision making. These solutions will be possible because new standards for information exchange and a set of common semantics have evolved.

Leveraging Virtual Reality

The perception of automation is that robots relieve human beings from repetitive tasks and that process automation brings stability and predictable performance to a container terminal, thereby increasing safety. What we often fail to mention is that even with the implementation of automation, accidents will still occur and technology can still fail.

Update: Ports of the Future

For the port of the future, bigger vessels, broader carrier alliances, container capacity consolidation and larger hub and spoke port networks will be changing costs and revolutionising the way in which profits are generated from operations. Simultaneously, the port of the future will manage increased investment along with demands for improved productivity and higher level of service

New Frontier: Big Data & the Impact on the Supply Chain

Modern business moves at the speed of light, and as part of that, access to timely and accurate data is critical. The ability to automate not only the collection of, but also, the analysis of the massive amounts of information processed on a daily basis, allows organisations to make businessdecisions based on facts, rather than antiquated processes or unreliable intuition and gut instincts. The pay-off of business intelligence (BI) and the optimised decision-making that Big Data can empower has real impact.

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Send a direct enquiry: RFQs, RFPs, Tenders